About us

  • Cleverbit is a subsidiary company, of CADMAXX, established in 2017 with an objective to develop industry ready resources.
  • Cleverbit acts as a finishing school and focuses on skill based training to meet the specific requirements from the industries.
  • Thoughtfully designed training methodology to reduce the hiring time and cost of industry.
  • Guided by highly skilled technical experts with overall industry exposure of 15+ years.


  • To be the leader in IT services and Technology training.


  • Provide customized and accurate IT solutions as per the clients requirements.
  • Impart quality training to graduates and professionals there by enhancing their skills to keep them in synch with ever changing technological developments.

Our History

Cleverbit is established in the year 2017 with a vision to groom the next generations of engineers to be readily employable by the industry. With the demand for the skilled engineers on all time high, and also due to the dearth of quality engineers Cleverbit envisioned to act as a connecting link between the engineering graduates and the ever changing technological industries.

A group of technocrats, with the wide range of experience, and having associated with various industries, have put their hands together to impart their knowledge to future generation of engineers. Cleverbit provides the young talents with an opportunity to understand the technologies, gain the knowledge and experience to offer realistic, intelligent and efficient solutions to pressing technological problems through its skill development programs. Such trained engineers are made available to meet the resource requirements of industries to minimize their hiring effort and cost.

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